News from 2007 – Part 1

Pre-CHOGM Children’s Conference- HEAR MY VOICE TOO” 12th -14th September 2007.

UWESO’s Children Simon Peter Kuteesa and Norah Nakimuli participated in the CHOGM Children’s Conference that was attended by over 150 children from all parts of the country. Children discussed issues that concern them through Focus Group Discussions, Plenary and Brainstorming on HIV/AIDS, Child Trafficking, and Children with disabilities, plight of children in conflict and so many other issues that make them vulnerable.

Simon Peter Kuteesa was elected as the Male President and with his female colleague he is expected to present the memorandum to the Common Wealth Youth Forum in November

CHOGM First Ladies meeting on 24th November 2007

UWESO in collaboration with Uganda AIDS Commission and other partners are working together to exhibit the National Response to HIV/AIDS in Uganda in four thematic areas of Prevention of HIV/AIDS, Pediatric and Adult HIV/AIDS treatment, Care and Support and New prevention technologies –Vaccines.

AT this particular event UWESO Will be exhibiting National Response to HIV/AIDS among Children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS