How UWESO works


UWESO has a volunteer membership of over 20,000 people.  This volunteer structure provides the basis for mobilization of communities to participate and share responsibilities in improving the quality of life for orphans and other vulnerable children in Uganda.

Direct Interventions

UWESO provides support to vulnerable children and families such that their capacity to sustain themselves is strengthened; and Provide residential care for orphans and other vulnerable children as a last resort

Mobilization and Advocacy

UWESO Mobilizes resources to ensure that it’s 5 years strategic plan is implemented; It advocates effectively at all levels to ensure that concerns of orphans and other vulnerable children are appreciated;

Collaboration and Linkages

UWESO implementing its services through its regional offices, local authorities, CSOs, and at the grass root UWESO Works with communities organized in clusters each containing 35-50 members based at the village level to enhance capacity and increase outreach;


UWESO works through leaders in the country, influential men and women from all walks of life, through its National Executive Board, Branch Executive Committees, and Sub Branch Executive Committees work with us to cause change in the life of the vulnerable children

Monitoring and Evaluation

UWESO monitors and evaluate programmes and organizational structures on a regular basis.   Efficiency of our services is maintained through continuous feedback from cluster members and regional staff about their needs and the successes or failures of our interventions.  UWESO documents and disseminates practices and experiences learnt