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New UWESO CEO Visits USAID-funded Orphans and Vulnerable Children Activity Offices

The newly appointed Uganda Women’s Effort to Save Orphans (UWESO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mrs. Jolly Kamugira Kaguhangire, made a six-day field trip to the USAID-funded Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) North East Activity (NEA) offices in Mbale, Katakwi, Soroti, Busia and Kotido.

The visit was an opportunity for CEO to familiarize with the structural organization and operations of the Project. It allowed her to assess the status of the field offices but also provided a platform for meaningful interactions with Activity staff and key stakeholders, including UWESO founder members and UWESO Branch Executive Committee (BEC) representatives. These engagements facilitated discussions on functions, experiences, successes, and challenges, fostering motivation among staff and reinforcing alignment with UWESO’s strategic orientation and direction.

The CEO was intrigued by the meticulous record-keeping at various Activity offices

She also had time to interact with the UWESO BECs who tirelessly volunteer time to support the community food banking initiative, providing essential food aid to USAID-funded OVC NEA households in Mbale.

Mrs. Kaguhangire commended the OVC NEA team for their exceptional leadership, organization, and teamwork. She acknowledged their meticulous approach to data management and file organization, expressing a desire to replicate these efficient practices at UWESO’s headquarters in Kampala.

Group photos with the Activity teams during visits to various Districts of operation. SLIDE TO VIEW MORE

Beyond operational aspects, Mrs. Kaguhangire’s visit fostered a sense of motivation and appreciation among the staff and stakeholders. Her direct engagement and positive feedback renewed purpose among the BECs and the Activity staff hence bridging the gap between UWESO and its project.


Mrs. Kaguhangire assumed the office of UWESO CEO on 1st January 2024. She is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the Organization including providing oversight to all projects under UWESO. As part of her orientation, she needed to visit the USAID-funded OVC NEA which is one of the projects implemented by UWESO.

CEO during office tours. Click on images on the sides to display.

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Slide gallery to view photos during the Activity team’s presentations and CEO’s reaction


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