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Success Story about Mugabekozi Rove


My name is Mugabekozi Rove aged seventeen years old from Kabazana C village,

in Kashojwa Parish Rugaaga Sub County Base Camp Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Isingiro district.


I live with both my father and my mother and we are five children at home and all of us go to school.

I study at Nakivale hope primary school and I am in primary seven.

We are 38 pupils with twenty one girls and eighteen boys.


Before I got support from UWESO, I would lack books and pens and the teacher would chase me out of the class to go and look for them yet I had no where to get them. I would also be sent back home due to lack of school fees.


In my community, we are still facing a problem of poor sanitation and lack of enough water since the water we receive sometimes comes once in a month and many times leads us to go to school without bathing.


However, amidst all these challenges, UWESO supported me with scholastic materials like books, bags, pens, pencils and sanitary pads.

The books, pens and pencils have helped to write notes in class during lessons.

The bag has helped to keep and protect all my scholastic materials especially during the rainy season.

The pads have helped me to stay in school since I do not have to miss any more due to menstruation periods.

If I did not get this support, I would not have continued with my education.


My future plan is to become a lawyer and I am going to study very hard and put in more effort to ensure that I fulfill my dreams.

My advice to my fellow girls is to stay at school and study very hard so that they do not suffer in future.




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