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Who We Are

What are our  VALUES?


We are committed to protecting the interests and rights of vulnerable children. We take interest in each other at a personal and professional level. We are committed to ensuring that we accord our members and staff space to enhance their opportunities. We ensure that marginalized groups are given chance to fully participate in and benefit from our work. We are driven by the passion to create a better world for children.


We believe in and value children. We listen to them and encourage them to express their opinions and feelings. We appreciate that each of us has a contribution to make to the growth of UWESO. We believe in learning from each other and from others. We value our partners and recognize the value they add to our work.


We are honest and truthful in our dealings in word and action. With courage, we do what is right and honorable in all circumstances, adhering to the highest ethical standards in all official obligations and personal conduct. We honour our commitments and take full responsibility for our actions.


We are answerable, responsible and Liable for our actions and decisions to our stakeholders and partners. We are open in our interactions and dealings with each other and with those we serve. We value other peoples’ evaluation of us. We ensure regular and open communication to our members and partners. We share information generated through our work and recognize the importance of information to safeguarding the rights of children and protecting the organization.

Core Program Areas

UWESO is an OVC-focused organization that has been operating in the country as a
National Non-Governmental Organisation (NNGO) for 34 years; with interventions
primarily based on the following 5 thematic areas: -

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Sustainable Livelihoods

Child Protection

Dev't & Bearing of Children

Institutional Development

Youth Empowerment